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Human rights day: Reintroduce value protection in unemployment insurance!

Submitted by Aktive Admin on Sun, 21.02.2021 - 16:21

The loss of value is a form of cold expropriation of the insured
(Vienna, December 9, 2019) On the occasion of tomorrow's International Day of Human Rights and the founding of Active Unemployed Austria 10 years ago, AAÖ bring a citizens' initiative to parliament for the reintroduction of the safeguarding of unemployment benefits and emergency aid, which was abolished in 2001 by the ÖVP and FPÖ. Due to compound interest dynamics, Austria has recorded inflation of 41.5% since 2001, which corresponds to a loss of purchasing power of almost 30%! Collective wages rose by an average of 54.6%. This means that people who have been eliminated from the economy and society and who have been discriminated against keep falling behind!

The number of long-term unemployed, who are particularly discriminated against by the economy, has risen steadily. With the abolition of the temporary invalidity pension, more and more people, whose health has been ruined by work, are being deported to the AMS and then have to get by with less and less real income.

The assessment base protection for the unemployed over 45 is also losing its function more and more because older people in particular are made unemployed and have to accept massive wage losses when they start new jobs.

As early as 1998, the Constitutional Court recognized emergency aid as a “property right” protected by the European Convention on Human Rights (VfG G363 / 97 and others). This “financial right”, which is an insurance benefit, is to be secured again in value. Anything else would be the continuation of the cold expropriation of the compulsorily insured workers!

Greens as a human rights party particularly challenged

In 2009, the long-standing Green Social Spokesman Karl Öllinger introduced a motion to reintroduce value protection in parliament. Although the Black and Blue government was history and the SPÖ appointed both Chancellor and Minister of Social Affairs, the Red and Black government did not agree to the application. In 2016, the new Green Social Spokesperson Judith Schwendtner rewarmed the long-standing demand of the unemployment initiatives and described the reintroduction of value protection as "the least that politics can do".

The Green Alternative will measure active unemployed people by the extent to which the Green Party succeeds in implementing the proposals it has brought forward as a government partner. When the value adjustment is reintroduced, at least the current payment amount must also be increased by the values of the previously withheld value adjustment!

Social human rights are an important basis of democracy

Austria is one of the richest countries and is enjoying increasing prosperity overall. Nevertheless, the previous Black and Blue government increased the pressure on the poor, especially in terms of minimum income, and even wanted to abolish emergency aid and deport the long-term unemployed, who were discriminated against by the economy and society, into the minimum income.

Therefore, Active Unemployed Austria remind the negotiating team formed by the ÖVP and Green Alternative of the still open points of our online petition from 2013 following the UN criticism and the demands of the unemployment initiatives on the campaigning parties for the 2019 National Council election.

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